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MH - Nijimura, Yakumo by giogiorno MH - Nijimura, Yakumo by giogiorno
My app for :iconmiyagawa-high:



Name : Nijimura, Yakumo

Nickname : Nijimura-san/kun, Yakumo, Kumo, Kuma-chan

DOB : 21st of April

Year : 2nd Year

Height : 189 cm / 6'2"

Gender : Male

Where he lives : Lives in a house with his father, mother and twin brother.

Club : Traditional Art (President)

Personality :
> Lazy
> Only talks when he's talked to or when he has something to say.
> Observant
> Kind of sloppy
> Secretly possessive
> Poker-faced
> Shameless
> Obsessed about anatomy
> To-the-point
> A glutton
> Weird. Likes weird things. Eats weird food. Just weird.
> Does whatever he wants and feels nobody should restrict that as long as he's not hurting anyone

Likes :
+ Creme Brulee and Bacon buy his loyalty with it
+ Catfishes
+ Origami, including folding them.
+ Drawing, Sketching, painting, anything arts, you name it.
+ Body fat, especially on women. Likes women who are more 'full'
+ Hair curlers. Always wakes up in the morning to curl his hair.
+ The beach.
+ Summer and hot days. So he can take it all off
+ Angular forms and symmetry.
+ Gunplas
+ Playing with his own or other's hair.
+ Getting cute nicknames. especially from girls.
+ Superstitious things and creepy places.
+ Bugs. Except worms.

Dislikes :
- Worms. Dislikes them with a passion.
- Artblocks.
- People blocking his view.
- Rubies, the way they shine and how red it is.
- Super skinny girls and guys
- Being compared to other people
- The smell of bath salts
- Duck meat, allergic to it.
- Anyone who's always lucky.
- People who can't get their point across / too shy to say what they mean.
- Clingy people.
- Not getting any freedom.
- People who think he's a carbon copy of his twin.

Relationships :
> Nijimura Yasei, 49
Father, businessman. A man who upholds his belief, tradition and values above most things. He would always follow his belief in the fortunes and all that entails it to the dot. Had a strained relationship with Yakumo. While the both of them are highly superstitious, Yakumo doesn't seem to want to follow the rules of the 'fortune' his dad is obsessed with. They don't see eye to eye, but is now closer after their recent move and changes.

> Nijimura Rina, 44
Mother, boss of her own little online business. A rather eccentric woman. Married, or rather arranged to marry, Yasei. She came from a traditional family that just wanted her to have a stable future, therefore marrying her off to him. They only fell in love with each other some time after their marriage, even if she did find his obsession to be odd. She deeply loves her children, but is usually busy with her own thing, Yuuya and Yakumo both know that she means well and leaves her to do her own thing. When she does have time though, she loves to talk with the boys or draw with Yakumo.

> Nijimura Yuuya, 16.
Twin brother, they have different tastes and are the complete opposites of one another, gets along well, though. A ladies' man. He was one of the reasons Yakumo got unwanted attention from girls. His charisma and luck combined made him really popular, and his influence dragged Yakumo into his little circle, too.

His pet catfish.

Kang Jih Soon
He calls her a 'spider-lover' since she keeps them as pets and dislikes hearing the fact that he's eaten spiders before. Gave him a piece of paper when he didn't have any more. He's okay with her. Acquaintances.

Aisaka Noriko
A girl he met while looking for stationary at a store. Likes bears, too. Helped him pick some cute pencils to buy. They're off to get free takoyaki and stuff. He's okay with her. Acquaintances.

Amano Takeshi
He agreed to teach Yakumo how to cook better and Yakumo would teach him how to draw better in return. Not sure how it's going to end, since Yakumo's taste in food is bizarre. He's okay with the guy, he thinks he's friendly. Acquaintances.

Toshiro Keiichi
The very definition of something that irritates him the most. People who can't talk at all because they're too shy. He thinks this guy has no backbone. He feels bad for insulting him, but doubts he'll stop until this guy can stand up for himself. Keeps away from him. He mildly dislikes him. Acquaintances.

Syrus Wakashiba
Syrus told him he made a pretty good impression of Grumpy from Snow White. He will go to his grave believing in those very words, even if the guy doesn't mean it. Likes Frank Sinatra, too, and lots of Disney things. Right now, he's an ally 4 lyfe. wat Allies.

Izumi Kayo
Likes that she calls him 'Kuma'. Is helping him make teddy bears for him and his brother. He likes learning new things and getting re-acquainted with his enemy, the sewing machine. She's in the Traditional Arts club, too. He thinks she's his art buddy. Fellow club member.

Shintaro Amamiya
OH LOOK. It's his twin brother from another mother in a tinier, portable version. Can't stop bringing up his height. Classmates for a year, to the other guy's regret. They just met, but already Yakumo took a liking to making fun of his height since he brought it up and when tried to use a demon warding spell on Yakumo. Little 'baby bear' brother, Miya-chan. Ahahahahahahahaha

Mizushima Midori
They talked about siblings and Yakumo ended up calling her a 'sister' figure. So far, she can keep up with how non-nonsensical he can be and reminds him of how his twin usually treats him. Acquaintances. 

Bio :
General :
Yakumo was born and raised in Okinawa. His mother was from Hida-shi, but moved to Chatan, Okinawa with her parents to meet Yasei, who she was engaged to. There, she had an arranged marriage with Yasei, and the two had twins. The Nijimura family name has a history of being incredibly lucky. Whether it be in life or other things. It was said that their ancestors found and returned a stolen relic and became blessed with luck for generations. The only problem is, they're all incredibly superstitious and will do almost anything the fortunes tell them to, it is the rules. Originally, Yakumo's mother didn't want to move back to Hida-shi, but her husband insists they go to her hometown because the fortunes told him to in a dream. Rina has seen for herself what type of luck her husband always had, so she didn't want to say 'no'. Yakumo and his twin seem to have inherited this 'lucky streak' but Yakumo found it to be more of a curse than a blessing. In order to even it out, he began doing things to repulse others, on purpose. His father, worried about his behavior, waited until he graduated Junior High to do as the fortunes say and move to Hida-shi. The situation in the household had always been tense because of Yakumo and his father, even if they looked like a loving family from the outside looking in. The move to Hida-shi brought them closer together and his enrollment in Miyagawa High mended some problems within himself.

Childhood and Junior High :
Yakumo as a child was a very weird child, always caught in his own little world and doing things most people would call gross. Others would avoid him and girls would come up with things like saying that he's bad news and that he had 'cooties'. However bogus it was, he never said anything to counter it, making others believe that it's all true, all he would do is just draw away in his little sketchbook. As he moved up to Junior High, he became more 'bizarre' rather than gross. Playing with his hair and drawing on anything he can get his hands on. Some people began to have a fascination with him while others are just repulsed. Just as bizzare as his actions, girls start to find him becoming more attractive and he receives, what was to him, unwanted attention. They would often say that he had a mysterious aura or something. To keep away from them, he would hide in various places. It persisted all the way to his graduation. This phenomenon could also come from the influence of Yuuya, who was popular with the ladies. Making his twin who had quite the same features as he did, popular, despite their different personalities. Even as he tried to avoid the 'good things', it seems he can't really counteract Yuuya's influence on him.

He didn't even try to socialize, but more people became interested in him and tried to befriend him. Even if people say that he should feel blessed, he doesn't seem to think so. Furthermore, he feels that he's a free-spirited artist who shouldn't be restricted by superstitious rules. He tries to lift his 'curse' by starting to regularly visit a shrine and taking some sort of cleansing, but as soon as his father found out, he became very angry with Yakumo. His father then decides to consult with his fortunes again, and this time, it tells him that Yakumo's mind can be changed if they move to Hida-shi, his wife's hometown. Yakumo refused at first, but Yuuya seemed really eager to leave for Hida-shi, it didn't help since his grandmother wasn't feeling well back at Hida-shi and now his mother wanted to go back there as well.

After graduation, he and his family moved all the way to Hida-shi and his father decided to enter Yakumo specifically to Miyagawa High, probably because the 'fortunes' said so. Yuuya went to another school, but the twins had always operated separately anyway.He sees things aren't so bad in Hida-shi and actually feels less tense. It doesn't seem like he was going to change his mind about breaking the rules, but he is more willing to respect his father's beliefs for now. His father also grew to accept Yakumo's decisions even if he disagrees with them. They try to at least consider each other's feelings and operate like a normal family. His father supports his decision of wanting to become an artist or mangaka, because if that is Yakumo's talent, then it will take him far. With their newfound respect for one another, it isn't as tense as it was before.

Voice :
Shinichiro Miki…
49:25 - 50:34

Extra :
> It seems kids like him a lot. One of them even lovingly calls him 'kuma-san'.
> If anyone visits the Nijimura house, prepare for surprise, they are all really quite eccentric in their own rights.
> His family bases future prospects on the talents they receive. Yakumo's talent being drawing, they are all in full support of him becoming an artist one day.
> Actually believes he's cursed.Highly superstitious.
> Yakumo's increased popularity during junior high was due to him being compared to his twin brother, Yuuya. The girls thought that if they can't have Yuuya, it'd be cute too to get Yakumo. He is utterly baffled by the thought.
> Sometimes, he could give anyone a stare so intense that they know he's taking an interest in them.
> He is obsessed with the curves of a female figure, but it's only for drawing purposes, people sometimes took it the wrong way.
> When he finds something to be incredibly 'gorgeous' in his tastes, he would not budge and start drawing it's various forms.
> Easily distracted by a lot of things. Furthermore, always carries around that book of his and his favorite mechanical pencil to draw or write anytime.
> He had the mechanical pencil since he entered junior high, while he forgot who gave it to him, it's still in a great condition, despite him using it most of the time.
> Is good at improvising when he doesn't have the necessary items he needs.
> When he's confused, he'll curl his hair with his pencil.
> Wants to be an artist as well as a mangaka *kicked*
> His favorite band is the pop girl's group, PerfumeHis favorite song is 'Chocolate Disco' by Perfume
> Another one of his favorite songs is 'Fly Me To The Moon' by Frank Sinatra, can be seen humming it when bored or something.
> He's ambidextrous
> Has a large collection of gundam models that his twin has gotten sick of seeing. He doesn't give a damn apparently.
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