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TH - Saejima, Hanami by giogiorno TH - Saejima, Hanami by giogiorno


Here is her old app :
Tachikawa High App - Hanami Saejima by Nishiobana

She's changed quite a bit. She's definitely more confident about herself<3

Voice sample :
Ryoko Shiraishi (Known for her role as Asuka Kazama)

Full Name : Hanami Saejima

Nickname : Hana, Hanatan, Former Fatass.

Gender : Female

Orientation : Straight

Age : 16

Grade : First year

Dormitory : Sakuramachi

Club : Art club.

Likes :
- FOOD. Especially chicken nuggets and jelly donuts. She's a real glutton.
- Comedy shows.
- Grape Juice.
- Advice blogs. Runs one herself.
- Robotics and Mechanics.
- Host/hostess clubs. Likes how they're so cool looking.
- Pretty dresses, though she knows she could never wear one due to her insecurity.
- Birds.
- Being accepted.

Dislikes :
- People bringing up her past. She used to be overweight.
- Diets, never again.
- Being compared to more slender girls.
- How big her breasts are. She wants to be flat chested, contrary to what most girls think.
- Crying. Sadness in general. She tends to secretly fall into depression after remarks about her weight.
- Watching her weight too much.
- Clothes that are only available in "S" size.
- Fur coats.
- Cats.
- Thinking about fashion. Never really struck her as interesting.

Personality :
+ Reliable
She likes to help others and is a big sister type. She would not give up on anyone who needs her help.
Due to what happened in the past, she wouldn't take anything other than complete honesty. She can tell if someone's lying, she's quite perceptive.
Often cracks jokes about lots of things, including herself. Being a comedian is something she wants to be on the side.
+ Patient
She's okay with waiting for long periods of time. She believes that patience is a virtue. It's also due to the fact that her family 'waited' for their fortune and is a firm believer of this virtue.

- Picky
While she might like almost ALL food, Hana is really picky when it comes to something she wears or listens to.
- Messy
She's a messy girl. Her room looks like something just crashed inside. She cleans up, only to have it return to it's original messy state in just a few days. Leftover from her 'fat days'.
- Insecure of her weight
She doesn't like people picking on her weight especially. She used to suffer from low self-esteem due to her obese form. She put herself in danger before going into a rehab center. She doesn't like to talk about the horrors of those days.
- Naive
At least, when it comes to whatever it is concerning her weight. She tends to go totally crazy into a diet trend before regretting it later. While people tell her she looks fine these days, some parts of her still thinks she needs to be more on the petite side.

While generally happy on most days, Hanami has her occasional mood swings. She can take her jokes too far if she hates something or someone enough. She can be overly sensitive at times, especially when it concerns weight and confidence. She chooses who she wants to care about and learning from her past mistakes, wouldn't trust people too much right off the bat.

Biography :
Hanami was born to a family of rich overachievers. Her father is a famous architect in a billion dollar project, and her mother is the owner of a modelling company. She has two older sisters who are overachievers themselves, getting high grades and scholarships. One of them has an acting career and the other is still in university. Hanami herself thinks big and is quite smart herself. The family moves at a fast pace, often too busy for anything that includes bonding. Hanami never got the chance to really get to know anyone in the family too well. Hanami, like her sisters, excels in her studies and is planning to become a robotics engineer later on in her life. That is before she became depressed and started binge eating.

Things were going so well in her life until she saw that her friends started having boyfriends at in junior high. They would encourage her to do the same, gussy up and get a guy for herself. She noticed her sisters had love lives of their own and decided to give it a shot. She soon falls for a badboy and they started going out. However, things didn't go so well for the both of them. He spends money recklessly and wanted her to be the 'ideal' girlfriend, doing everything she's told to do. For the next few months, she really didn't complain since her friends are so happy for her. When things got out of hand at one point, she decides to confront the guy.

He wasn't happy with what he's hearing and insulted her.

'I never liked you to begin with! Look at you! You're so UGLY, who'd tap THAT!? I only dated you cause you're rich or something and heck, you're so submissive, it's like the perfect plan! All you EVER talk about are studies and studies and your friends. MAN, you're just too easy!'

Hearing those words made her feel like a dagger stabbed through her heart. All those times she tried to look pretty and ideal were actually for nothing. Her parents and sisters didn't have the time to talk to her, they were either on business trips or doing some good for the world or something. She would lock herself in her room afterwards and just let herself go.

Over the next few years, she really stopped trying and became so out of shape that she started to look grotesque. Her studies are failing and her spirit drained, she wouldn't even take showers regularly anymore. Her friends started leaving her so all she's got left is herself. She became fat and ungroomed that her parents finally noticed this and decided to scold her.

Hanami didn't give a shit about what they were talking about.

One day, she passed out from overeating and landed in the hospital. When she woke up, already her family is judging her. Things got pretty bad that they had to separate the family and told them to wait in the waiting room. While recuperating in the hospital, the nurse working there felt sorry for her and started talking to her. Soon, they opened up to one another and Hanami told her what had happened. The nurse just gave her a smile and told her boys like that wasn't worth the trouble or even landing in the hospital for. Hanami brushes it off by telling her that life isn't worth it. The nurse then told Hanami that her daughter is struggling from a disease and that she can't give up yet.

Upon hearing that the nurse's daughter is suffering from terminal cancer, she thought she had it WAY easier and that she's moping around when she could be out there doing the best she could. After recuperation, Hanami returned to junior high school and resumed her studies along with rehabilitation for her food addiction, fat and all. She is constantly made fun of throughout the year, but paid no attention to those hurtful words. She got back on track and shaved off a few pounds. It seems she's also made friends with the nurse's daughter, who runs an advice blog. She told Hanami to take over should she give in to the illness.

She's still insecure about her weight so far, and she's working on a way to stop thinking about it too much. When the nurse's daughter finally gave in to her illness and died, she was there with her family, giving their support. She promised to live a great life for her dear friend and for herself. She graduated junior high afterwards and took over the advice blog she ran. Her parents decided to give her another chance at redemption. Hanami took the challenge and applied for the prestigious Tachikawa High. Her confidence soaring higher than ever, she wants to prove once and for all that she's through with being so ignorant.

Additional info :
- Hanami still likes to eat lots, though is now more controlled.
- She gives good advice but hardly follows them for herself.
- She still wants to become an engineer, and a comedian on the side.
- She keeps models of vehicles and buildings in her room, they are her treasures.
- Ever since the incident, Hanami's come to terms with herself and is better at making choices.
- Is secretly looking for a guy who will accept her for who she is. Who will not puke at the sight of her old photos. XD
- Hates cats, is allergic to them.
- Says 'YEESH' a lot when irritated.
- :new: She's now more confident, still a bit iffy on the subject of weight, but she believes in herself more than she did before.
- :new: Calls Kikuchi Masahiro her best friend, even if he doesn't say the same about her. She seems to like flirting around and teasing him, giving people the wrong idea. She does, however, have some interest in him, so it might not be too wrong.

Quote :
"Yeesh, I'm not THAT fat, am i?"
"Food is like an addiction. But i'm in control now."
"You sure you're not gonna puke when you see this?"

RP :
I RP anywhere really.
Skype and notes preferred tho.
I'm chill with RPs, so feel free to reply anytime you want.
I prefer para over dialogue, but will do both.

Hana-chin belongs to meeeeee
Kikuchi Masahiro belongs to :iconribbon-knight:
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